Uber Car Rental Agreement

In my opinion, no one reads the user agreements. Moreover, legal jargon and vocabulary are foreign to many who would be tempted by such options. To the extent permitted by law, the tenant is responsible for paying all rental fees, taxes, indemnity fees, claims, penalties, fines, deductibles related to damage caused by the rental car (if the law permits), tolls (as described below), other fees or other amounts set in this rental agreement. These payments will be recovered by Lyft retirees and Lyft will forward these payments to Flexdrive. Flexdrive can work with Lyft to deduct the amounts earned by the tenant in the rental car for money that tenants can earn while offering transportation services on the Lyft platform. In addition, Lyft or Flexdrive may require the tenant to provide a credit card or other payment card (subject to applicable terms and conditions) to book or rent a rental car, that an authorization or withholding amount may be placed on the card provided and that Lyft may charge at any time the amount due from the payment card made available to the tenant at any time. Flexdrive has designated Lyft as an agent on behalf of Flexdrive only for the purpose of collecting these amounts. To this end, Renter authorizes Lyft to deduct these amounts from other amounts owed to the tenant and, if this rate is not fully paid, to calculate the remaining unpaid amount of the payment method approved by Renter for the use of Lyft in connection with the Lyft platform, as long as this is authorized by applicable legislation and after notification to the tenant. Some amounts may be charged at the end or end of the rental period, for example.

B for damage to vehicles that may be found during the final inspection, or for unpaid tickets or tolls and related administrative costs, which are indicated after the rental period or in some other way, as stipulated in the contract. The tenant must file a valid payment method with Lyft to pay the amounts mentioned above. Regardless of the above, Flexdrive has the right to recover these amounts directly from retirees if the tenant does not pay these fees to Lyft or any other amount owed and to pay under this contract, and Renter heresafter accepts that Lyft has the right to provide Flexdrive (a) with a copy of the lease; b) any payment agreement executed; (c) the tenant`s contact information; (d) any correspondence between the returnee and Lyft, or their representatives, regarding the recovery of these sums; and (e) the tenant`s payment information. 5 CHARGES AND PAYMENTS Rental payment 5.1 Before the vehicle is picked up, you must pay the rental fee for the first seven days of the rental with an accepted payment method.

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